Once a member of the up and coming tag team known as Rough and Ready,along side The Natural Jack Ford and managed by Hardbody Harper, Lancie decided to part ways with the dead weight in his career by ending the career of his own tag team partner.
As a singles competitor, Lancie went on a tear of destruction in the ring. Beating everyone that came in his path, eventually capturing the WildKat Revolution Championship. He would go on to outdo himself by winning the WildKat Heavyweight Championship on his own, getting rid of Hardbody Harper in the process.  But it was Harper who would get the last laugh as he took Lancie out with the help of the House of Harper, costing him to vacate the WildKat Heavyweight Championship due to ACL damage.
Since his return to the ring, Lancie has not lost a step. Picking up where he left off before his injury. He has one goal in mind but until then except hard hitting action when this man enters the squared circle.


Name: Outlaw Matt Lancie
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 240 pounds
Hometown: Dallas,Texas by weigh of Phoenix,Arizona

Stevie Richards Vs "OutLaw" Matt Lancie