Curt Matthew

One of the founding members of The Pump Patrol with Jared Wayne, Curt Matthews is a former Wildkat Revolution Champion and is best known for his battles with the likes of Bu Ku Dao, Bestia 666, and Stevie Richards.  Known to do various exercises throughout his matches, Curt wants to show the world the benefits of working out, whether people want to see it or not.

Johnny Flex

Lock up your protein!! Lock up your weights!! This man will lift anything in sight!! He was born on a bench. He came out of the womb squatting!! His father invented leg day!!! This is the Pinnacle of Pump, the Grand Master of Gainz, the Flex Supreme, the Flex GAWD… JONNY FLEX!!!

Jared Wayne

Founding member of the Pump Patrol.

Originally from Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling where he spent 6 years. He’s now a multiple tag team champion in various promotions.


Name: Curt Matthews
Height: 6’0
Weight: More than you can bench
From: Straight Out of the Gym

Name:Jonny Flex
Hometown: Straight Outta The Gym
Weight: More Than You Can Bench
Height: Depends On Who’s Asking

Name: Jared Wayne
Founding member of Pump Patrol
From: Straight out of the gym.
Ht- 5’9
Wt- More than you can bench.
8 years experience.
Tag Finisher: The Flexorcism.

The Pump Patrol Demand an ROW Tag Team Title Match