SOCORRO started as Sgt. Socorro, a US Army Combat Engineer, and was still active in the Louisiana National Guard while first training with WildKat Sports. During that time, his most notable feud was against “Outlaw” Matt Lancie. Then, once being honorably discharged from the military, he chose to shed his soldier persona. He sought something different. Enter SOCORRO.

With a mohawk and a leather vest, SOCORRO brought a whole new attitude to the ring. He brought the chant “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!”, a mantra on how he takes on every opponent and every challenge. But since then, SOCORRO’s new attitude has unleashed a dark side.

SOCORRO has had the bloodiest feuds  WildKat has ever seen, including a brutal Dog Collar match with  Luke Hawx. this hybrid athlete can adapt and overcome even the most seasoned veterans. And now, under the supervision of the “Handsome” Hardbody Harper, SOCORRO has set his sights on his final goal left to accomplish… Championship gold.


Name: SOCORRO (so-cor-ro)
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 215 lbs.
Fighting out of: Angel Grove, California

Quest for the Best: Sgt. Socorro vs. Rudy Russo